7 Common Air Conditioner
Noises that Signify Problems

Don’t panic if you hear a squealing, hissing, humming, rattling, buzzing, thumping, or any noises coming from your air conditioner. Air conditioners make noise because it is one of the machines that have a lot of parts to keep your home at a very comfortable temperature. Always put in mind that old air conditioners are noisier than the modern ones.

Here are the most common sounds that your AC produces, and what it may signify:

  1. Squealing- a slipped belt produces squealing noise. 
  2. Hissing or Whistling-  a whistling noise is often the sound of a duct leak. 
  3. Humming- a humming noise can mean your capacitor is starting to fail.
  4. Rattling- if something is producing a rattling noise, the cause is most likely loose parts or screws.
  5. Buzzing- is a noise that may indicate loose connections on the compressor, but it also happens when the voltage running through your air conditioner is at the incorrect amperage. 
  6. Thumping-  this can occur in your outside unit, especially when your yard’s waste becomes caught in the fan.
  7. Screaming- a high-pitched screaming noise occurs when your compressor has failed, and it requires you to replace it. 

Where to Ask Help?

If you hear any of those sounds stated above, it is time for you to call an air conditioner professional to address the issue. You have nothing to worry about it because our professional technicians at Repair Twist New York will surely help you get through with it.