Refrigerators: Tips For Saving
You More on Your Energy Bills

The main reason for having a refrigerator is to keep the food cold and stay fresh for a longer time. It slows down the activity of bacteria so that it takes longer to spoil the food. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t consider ways to improve the efficiency of their valuable refrigerators. Not only this is important in every household, but refrigerators also increase the consumption of your utility bills.

Repair Twist New York lists here tips for keeping your refrigerators more efficient and save you more money on your utility bills:

1.) Replace the Gasket on the Door

When this starts to break down, your unit will start working even harder to keep your food chilled and restored, which means higher energy bills and will decrease the life of the unit.

2.) Get Rid of your Old Refrigerator

Old refrigerators absolutely take so much electricity consumption, so you should give serious thought to replacing them and buy a new one.

3.) Location is Crucial

Never replace your refrigerator next to a heat source such as your cooking appliances, radiator, and direct sunlight.

4.) Always Close the Door!

Every time the refrigerator door is open, cold air escapes and warm air enters. Always avoid opening the door unnecessarily and too long.

5.) Defrost the Freezer Compartment

A thick layer of ice acts as a form of insulation, and the refrigerator has to use more energy to cool inside. So we recommend that you should have regularly defrosted your freezer compartment. 

If you have any questions or need professional help for your refrigerator, give the professional team at Repair Twist New York a call today! We will attend all your refrigerator problems and needs efficiently and promptly.

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